Get a Second Opinion

If you went to the dentist with a simple tooth ache and the dentist informed you that 6 teeth would have to be extracted, would you maybe want to seek a second opinion? We home lock pickwould hope that most people would.

So what if you are locked out of your house and without even attempting to pick the lock the locksmith immediately says the lock must be drilled and replaced with a new doorknob or deadbolt? A properly trained locksmith knows how to pick virtually all residential locks and resorts to drilling ONLY as a last resort. If a locksmith shows up and without even looking at the lock says the lock must be drilled, please call Pop-A-Lock for a second opinion.

We will respond quickly, evaluate the situation, and in virtually all cases will simply pick the lock open without damaging your lock or causing you to spend more money unnecessarily by replacing your lock. One more example why Pop-A-Lock of Wichita Falls is your most trusted team of professional locksmiths!

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